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Employee Salary Search

This page allows you to search for salaries, wages and other reimbursement provided to all Louisville Metro Government employees. You can search a variety of ways, including by employee name and department.

Below are definitions for the various categories you will see as you search. That information is also available while your search is underway. Just move your cursor over any of the category names for a popup definition. All of the categories are also sortable. Just click on any category. For example if you want to see a list of highest to lowest salaries for a specific department, first click the department and then click on Annual Rate to re-sort.

This data is current as of 12/6/2014.

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Annual Salary Rate - Annual rate of pay exclusive of overtime, training incentive, and other collective bargaining related
components, such as longevity or equipment allowances.

Salary to date - Wages paid based on employee's standard work week exclusive of scheduled overtime.

Overtime - Wages paid based on employee's hours worked in excess of their regular schedule.

Incentive & Allowance - State training incentive payments and allowances for items such as clothing and equipment.

Other - Includes collective bargaining pay differentials for temporary work in a higher classification, such as a
worker serving as a crew leader. It can also include reimbursement of moving expenses, health wellness reward program, etc.

YTD Total - Calendar year to date amount paid to the employee by payment date.

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